Here you will find information on the arrangement of funerals & memorial services at St Annes Parish Church


St Annes Parish Church is available for funerals to anyone living within the parish or on the electoral roll of the parish, it is not necessary to be a regular Church-goer. Funeral services can take place at any mutually convenient time that does not clash with existing service times. We do not impose any time constraints on the service.

Christians believe that death is not an end, but a new beginning to a life closer to God and separate from the sufferings and trials of this life on earth. Inevitably the death of a loved one is a shock and the cause of great grief. At St Annes we try as a family to support our members when they are bereaved and to comfort them in their grief. Through the Funeral Service we celebrate the life of our loved ones and release them to God's eternal care and protection.

The Church of England provides a variety of styles and services for funerals, which can be tailored to suit individual needs. These include:

  • traditional language

  • modern language 

  • funeral service including the Eucharist ("Requiem") 


When a funeral has already taken place, a special Memorial Service can be arranged.

More information about funerals in the Church of England is available HERE



Usually, arrangements will be made through your Funeral Director.





Our Garden of Remembrance is now officially open.  This is an area at the east end of church for the Interment of Cremated Remains.  The ashes are interred loose in a short service, and the name of the deceased added to the Memorial Stone and the Book of Remembrance in Church.  Please contact the Vicar, Fr. David, for more details.



We celebrate a monthly Requiem Eucharist on the first Saturday of the month at 9.30am.  At this Eucharist we remember by name all those whose names are mentioned in the Book of Remembrance for that month.

We have an annual Memorial Services in November for all the departed and on Mothering Sunday  especially for departed mothers.