Servers provide practical assistance to the priest at the Eucharist and other services and they add dignity to the service by assisting in the Ceremonial.

Servers do things such carrying the Processional Cross and candles, carrying the Gospel Book, and receiving the Bread & Wine and the collection at the Offertory.  They also assist with the setting up and clearing away before and after services.  Servers work as a team to the greater glory of God.




Servers  are of all ages both male and female.  The newly confirmed are especially welcomed and encouraged to give serving a try.  Servers normally serve once a month according to a monthly rota.  Full training is given before serving for the first time.



We have a thriving group of Altar Servers at our Church, both adults and children.   New servers, young or old, are always welcome.  Please contact the Head Server; Gerald Wilson;  if interested.