The Stations of the Cross are pictures used to represent certain scenes at the Passion of Christ. The pictures are often called 'The Way of the Cross'. The stations are a spiritual pilgrimage for the believer. It is believed they were originally created to enable those who were unable to make a physical journey to the Holy Land make a spiritual journey. The meditation is usually done during the season of Lent and particularly on Good Friday, although it may be done at any time.

On Good Friday we have a special Messy Church session for children, where we act out the story told by the Stations of the Cross.  

1. Jesus is condemned to death
At the first station, Jesus stands before the judge, Pilate who pronounces his sentence.

2. The cross is laid upon Jesus
Soldiers place the cross upon Jesus' back and he is forced to walk with it to the place of crucifixion.

3. His first fall
The cross he bears is very heavy and Jesus falls.

4. He meets Mary
His mother, Mary meets him on the path.

5. Simon of Cyrene bears the cross for Jesus
A man called Simon of Cyrene bears Jesus' cross, on the orders of the soldiers who think Jesus is walking to too slowly.

6. Veronica wipes his face
A woman called Veronica pushes her way to the front of the crowd and wipes Jesus' face. Some say that his face was imprinted on the cloth that she wiped him with as a sign of his gratitude.

7. His second fall
Jesus falls for a second time.

8. He meets the women of Jerusalem
The women of Jerusalem are weeping.

9. He falls for the third time
Jesus falls for the third and last time. After seeking the help of God he gets up again.

10. Jesus's clothes are removed
At the tenth station, Jesus is further humiliated and his clothes are taken away from him.

11. Jesus is crucified
This station represents Jesus being nailed to the cross. Jesus asks God to forgive his tormentors.

12. Jesus dies on the cross
This station remembers that Jesus gave his life for humanity.

13. Jesus is taken down from the cross
He is supported by his mother.  

14. Jesus is laid in the tomb
This is the last station and recalls the wrapping of Jesus in a sheet and placing him in a tomb.