Here you will find information about getting your child or yourself baptised



Baptism is the means by which we all become members of the Christian Church. Baptism can be celebrated at any age, but most commonly babies and young children are brought for baptism by their parents.

In the Baptism Service parents and godparents promise to give their child a Christian upbringing and the child is welcomed into our Christian family here at St Annes. You do not need to be a regular Church-goer to have your child baptised.

The Church of England also provides a service separate from Baptism to thank God for the safe delivery of a baby. This Thanksgiving Service can be used soon after birth in advance of making arrangements for Baptism. In this service parents thank God for the safe birth of their child and the child is welcomed by the Church family.

For more information about Baptism in the Church of England HERE


First step is the contact the Vicar, Fr David Lyon on 01253 722725.

Baptisms usually take place within the Parish Eucharist on the fourth Sunday of the month at 10.30am, or  alternatively, they may take place at 12.30pm on a Sunday with the understanding that the child will be brought for a welcome into the Parish Family on the following Sunday at the 10.30 Eucharist.

At St Annes we have a Team of Baptism Welcomers, who assist families requesting baptism for their children. The Welcomer will visit the family and help them with the practical details of preparation for the service, and will be at church to greet them and help them on the Sunday.