The building of St Annes Church was commissioned by Lady Clifton in the early 1870s and named in memory of her aunt who was called Anne. It was built as a chapel of ease to the then parish church of St Cuthbert in Lytham to benefit the farm labourers and fishermen of the hamlet of Heyhouses, who had difficulty in getting to church on a Sunday morning. It was several miles walk …………and the path took them past the Trawlboat Inn, which was situated on the corner of Heyhouses Lane and Northhouses Lane (the building is still there opposite the Shell garage.)

The church was consecrated on August 6th 1873. In those days the lychgate, which now is such a beloved feature of the main entrance from the town, was at the gate by the traffic lights leading towards Lytham.

Circa 1873-4. Notice the absence of the existing tower and position of the Lych Gate facing Heyhouses School.

Circa 1873-4. Looking towards the south wall of the Church. Notice the absence of headstones, tombstones, etc.

The north aisle, Lady Chapel and Tower were added in 1890. The baptistry was added under the tower as a first world war memorial: this was made into a memorial chapel in 2002, when the font was moved up near the Lady Chapel.