News from the PCC

Two meetings have been held recently. On 26 May the APCM was held in Church. At this meeting the new PCC was elected and details of the new committee may be found on the PCC page. Also presented at this meeting was the Annual Report and this also may be downloaded from the PCC page.

On 7 June the new PCC met and two items on the agenda were asked to be noted here.

  1. Denise Duke, who for a number of years, has been our safeguarding officer, has, because of work and personal commitments, decided to give up this role.  If anyone feels they would be willing to take on this very important role please contact the Parish Office.  Denise will be more than willing to give information as to what is involved. 
  2. We are now in the process of drawing up the sidespersons’ rota for the next twelve months. If you feel you would like to be involved in the welcoming ministry please speak to our Church Warden, Ann Fletcher, or Margaret Imrie. Alternatively contact the Parish Office.

When a vicar retires or moves to a new post a Parish Profile is produced. This a key part of the process of attracting a new priest. The profile produced when Father David retired can be downloaded here.